The devil is in the details. Failing to understand the contractual nuances and the “small print” can have disastrous consequences for your business. Did you know that if you don’t fully understand and carefully negotiate your contract you could:

  • Take on significantly more financial risk than you bargained for?
  • Be bound by duties and obligations found in documents you may never have seen?
  • Relinquish your intellectual property rights?
  • Subject your company to unlimited liability?
  • Waive your right to additional fees for scope changes and extension of the schedule?

Our contract drafting, review and negotiation services can help you successfully navigate these dangerous waters.

Risk Assessment & Management

There are so many day-to-day aspects of your business operations that can adversely impact your company’s risk profile and employee relations (e.g. – company policies regarding social media, intellectual property, confidentiality, document retention, corporate governance). Too often, sufficient attention is not devoted to these vital issues amidst the daily crush of managing projects, supervising staff and cultivating client relationships. We can perform a risk audit to identify potential vulnerabilities and work with you to develop written policies and procedures so that you and your staff are working with consistency and clarity in accordance with your company’s values. We also provide training to ensure your staff understands and complies with these important standards.

Business Entity Formation & Business Agreements

Achievement of overall business objectives requires selection of the appropriate business entity type (e.g. - professional service corporation, design professional service corporation, professional service limited liability company) and developing business agreements that are custom-tailored to the needs of your business (shareholder and operating agreements, by-laws, non-compete/non-solicitation, confidentiality/non-disclosure) that protect your assets and provide succession planning options.


No project is immune from pitfalls. When problems arise, early intervention is critical in order to maximize your chances of successfully resolving the issue, retaining the client’s confidence and avoiding a claim or lawsuit. Our decades of experience enables us to swiftly assess the situation, provide legal analysis and work with you to devise business-smart solutions that are both practical and effective.